An updated version of the Chinese brand Moonman M1, the Moonman M2 fountain pen has captured the hearts of pen enthusiasts around the globe. While the names of the two models are similar, the pens themselves are very different from one another.

You probably know about the M1 already, so today we’re going to sit down and review the M2. Does it really live up to the hype surrounding it? We’ll see!


To start, the appeal of the Moonman M2 is apparent. All in all, it looks like a great pen! In fact, we’ve heard people say that it looks like a work of art more than a functional writing instrument and, honestly, we kind of agree.

Moonman M2 pen review

Source: @mjelson

The Moonman M2 has a torpedo-like shape with slightly flattened ends. It has been carefully crafted using clear acrylic that is both lightweight and durable. This specific makeup allows you to look inside of the pen at its internal parts; namely the finials that have been molded into either end of the pen. Not only do the finials give it a touch of uniqueness, but they also cause an eye-catching reflection that seems to make the M2 pen shine from the inside out. The pen features a bright red, hand-polished band that sports the Moonman brand name and looks particularly sharp when the pen is filled with red ink.

The Moonman M2 cap is made of the same lightweight acrylic and uses a screw-on fastener to stay securely on the tip of the M2 pen. The cap does not fly off easily and will not come off in your pocket or purse. However, the downfall of the cap is that it doesn’t have a clip. While this isn’t a deal-breaker, having a clip is important to many pen users – especially those who are prone to losing their writing tools.


Because the Moonman M2 doesn’t have a clip, the M2 pen is also known to do a fair amount of rolling, which means that on uneven surfaces, it won’t be your best bet. In addition, it also lacks any kind of grip or ridges that would prevent it from rolling in the absence of a clip.

The Moonman M2 nib is made of gold-plated stainless steel and has a fine tip that’s perfect for cursive writing and making letters very small. Surprisingly, the fine nib absorbs a lot of ink and produces a very saturated line that has minimal smudging and no hard starts.

This fact was discovered when a Moonman M2 pen reviewer on YouTube took to trying the pen on camera. He tried writing in various fonts and styles and with varying amounts of pressure and found that the pen provided even lines each time. He was especially pleased with the even starts, as he had been expecting the pen to cause hard starts upon first use.


In terms of filling the Moonman M2, the process is easy. It uses an eyedropper and gentle pressure. Once full, the pen holds a large volume of ink and uses it sparingly while still providing clean lines and letters that are free of scratching or blotches.

When holding the Moonman M2 in your hand, there is plenty of room to grip, which gives anyone who writes holding the bottom of their pen plenty more space to work with. The smooth texture feels nice in the hand and doesn’t get slippery when the writer gets clammy or sweaty.

One thing that was noticed about the Moonman M2, though, was that after a few pages had been written, the fountain pen seemed to be less generous with ink. The reviewer who said this, however, claimed that this little tick could have been due to the paper he was using and might not have been a direct result of the fountain pen’s performance.

Good Buy?

Overall, this Moonman fountain pen is a pretty good buy. It seems to live up the hype around it and does its job with ease. If you like fountain pens, you’re likely to enjoy this one almost as much as your current go-to model.