The Pilot 78G Fountain Pen [Review]


The Pilot 78G is a reliable and budget-friendly screw cap fountain pen. This pen is priced at around 15 USD. It was packaged in a simple transparent plastic box that clearly displays the pen as well as its nib size with a sticker that reads F for fine. The box also holds an instruction manual under the tray that holds the pen, the tray can be easily lifted out of the box for access to the space with the manual.


It comes in a variety of colors, however, the trim for all color combinations in this model are in gold. Its gold clip is a simple fixed clip, with Pilot engraved on its end. The clip does a fine job, as it’s not too tight, but not too loose either. The clip can be clipped on to thicker materials with ease. The center band rings are golden and printed on matching the clip, giving the pen a rather balanced look. The gold trimmings are very aesthetically pleasing which is great value for a pen at this price point.

Pilot 78G pen

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The make is entirely in plastic. This gives the pen a cheap feel, as it is rather lightweight. It does look more extravagant than its feel to the touch, as there are no visible seams. The grip is also plastic, with a prominent flare at the end. The pen does run the risk of getting scratched up, but if these scratches are minimal, they’d only be visible on a closer look.

This model is a screw-cap. This provides an element of security, as there is less of a risk for it coming undone. The cap is also a notable feature for the price point of this pen. It comes undone fairly easy, with one full turn and a little more. It does squeak a little at first, this however does change after about a week’s time of regular usage. Uncapping this model reveals a stainless steel gold nib, matching its gold trims.


Despite its rather thin nib, the pen gives a smooth performance. Although the nib is thin, it is able to withstand pressure as it is quite rigid. And, while it does have a delicate frame, it will not bend. The nib is also interchangeable with other Pilot nibs. The nib is engraved, prominently displaying details of its make and it also indicates its nib size. This model is a cartridge converter pen, taking only Pilot’s cartridges. It comes with Pilot’s CON-40 converter, and no cartridge. CON-40’s have a relatively small capacity for ink, however as this pen is a fine nib, it does not use up ink as fast.

Fine nibs write less smoothly than broad nips. This 78G model, however, writes surprisingly well out of the box. For new pens, nibs tend to need adjustment for a better writing experience. This one however writes perfectly on first use. Lines are thin yet consistent, regardless of their length. Similarly, doodling curvy scribbles also shows that consistency remains the same. Line width does not change and is maintained regardless of writing speed. That being said, the flex of this pen is rather limited. Upon pressure, the writing can go from a fine to a medium. Despite this, the line variation is noticeable. It should be noted though the grip does come undone when writing if it isn’t tightly fastened.

Worth Buying?

Ultimately, this Pilot 78G pen is worth buying. Pilot is a reputable maker, and this pen model is a reliable contender. It always works, and it always generates thin uniform lines. This pen is definitely a gateway into the world of screw-cap cartridge converter pens. Its downsides are primarily up to its feel. It is entirely plastic, making it a very lightweight pen and removing it very far from feeling luxurious.

Aesthetically, however, it does have a pleasing look. And while its rigid yet thin nib is far from ideal, this pen is definitely far superior from other competing products in the same price range. It is a bargain product, but Pilot does guarantee that it’s writing quality is in no way compromised. For beginners, this pen is a perfect entry, particularly for those with little to no experience in tuning their own nibs. However, a beginner might find a medium nib easier to work with in terms of a smoother writing experience. While this pen does deliver a superior writing experience for its price point, it might not be the best purchase for someone looking for smoother penmanship.