The Wing Sun 698 Pen Review


The Wing Sun 698 is a Chinese brand pen that derives its inspiration from the Twizby Diamond 580. It ranks as one of the top-performing pens, built to offer optimum writing characteristics. Designed with decent looks- it’s also pretty affordable, available for under $25. This fountain pen is built to a high standard thus making it a popular sale among enthusiasts and laymen. We’ll take a closer look at its distinct features to understand why it is considered outstanding.


The Wing Sun 698 pen

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In general, the pen does have an aesthetic face value right from its packaging. It arrives in a plastic box that is deeply slotted to accommodate both the pen and its cap. The boxing also includes a silicon grease equipment that comes in handy when servicing the pen, for prime performance. Whenever its performance degrades, you can always disassemble and reassemble after having applied decent grease amounts.

The exterior casing is made up of a dense plastic material that guarantees longevity. The surface is scratch-resistant and slipper free. This makes it a viable option for those long writing sessions.

Key Features

Below are other remarkable exterior features of this pen.

  • Capping – It has an off white cap which is a recent upgrade from the last all-clear version. The topmost part of the cap is embroidered in an interesting pattern. Down to the clip is a stamping labeled “LUCKY”, showcasing an auxiliary partnership involved in the pen’s manufacturing. Its clip is serviceable to slimmer or thicker materials (if you wish) and holds quite firmly. This means you do not have to worry about misplacing your pen or stubborn ink stains, once you clump it onto your shirt.
  • Nib Design – Once the cap comes off, a super quality fine nib is revealed. Made from stainless steel, users can be assured of minimal rusting. Its slim nib sets it apart from medium or broader versions, to give it much smoother writing with lesser line variations. However, if you prefer wider nibs you can always replace it.
  • Section – This is the plastic feed that follows right after the nib. It is the component that connects the nib with its ink reservoir. The pen is clear for you to easily see the ink levels, so that you are alerted when a refill is needed. Plus, the transparency beautifies the pen whenever you decide to switch up ink colors. It equally has a large ink capacity that is adopted for multiple writing.
  • Threads – Preceding the barrel chamber is a thread region fitted with blunt edges to give you a comfortable feel when using it. Additionally, the pen’s tight grip and sturdy nature work to your advantage.
  • Barrel Chamber – It slims down by a millimeter and a half towards the end, giving it a more chic look.
  • Piston Knob – The pen has a small feature element that transitions into an inbuilt piston filling mechanism. It works by first pulling up the knob to unlock it, followed by a few twists for total dislodging. Filling in the pen is quite easy due to this technique. Once the breather hole is submerged into the ink, it draws it in faster.

Size and Weight Measurements

This model is significantly smaller compared to its standard-sized companions but works just as well. It weighs 26g, with the cap at 11g and the barrel carrying the remainder 15g. Lengthwise, it records 126mm when capped and 130mm when not capped. This exceeds to 168mm when the cap is tucked at the end of the pen. Barrel width is at 12.6mm, the cap reads 13.6mm and the section broadens from 9.9mm -11.1mm at the end.

Writing Performance

NPD: Wing Sung 698 from fountainpens

The Wing Sung 698 is designed to release moderate ink amounts such that, you do not end up with super wet ink that is smudgy. Used in conjunction with lightweight hues, the writing dries up very fast. It is relatively silent when in use and is equally built for speed.

The pen doubles up for leisure or official events, since it works well on just about any note pad. It is ideal for envelope signings and can even be used on low-quality absorbent paper. Characterized by low resistance or scratch, users are set up for far superior writings.


  • Cap may not accurately sit right.
  • Unclear operational directions around the piston knob may confuse readers on how to unlock it.
  • The section slightly flares at the top end, which could evoke some degree of discomfort in the long run.

Summing Up

The Wing Sung 698 is an ideal choice as investing in one assures you of durability and style. Despite its minor shortcomings, it is a good deal. You can purchase one from your local office supply outlet, or grab a set from Vaness Pens at a retail price of 24 dollars each.